Dominican Ambassador to Brazil visits Mochotran Transportation Group


Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Ambassador to Brazil, Patricia Villegas, paid a courtesy visit to the Mochotran Transportation Group. She was welcomed by the Executive Committee, led by its president, Mr. Alfredo Pulinario Cambita, and toured the company’s facilities.

During the visit, Ambassador Villegas and Mr. Pulinario discussed various topics, including transportation, the economy, and opportunities in Brazil. They also touched upon the ambassador’s role in the diplomatic mission.

Accompanying the ambassador were Leonel Castellanos, president of the Dominican-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, and Josefina Aracena Rosario, counselor of the Dominican Embassy in Brazil. They guided the company executives through the Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle transportation corridors and invited them to consider Brazilian-manufactured transportation options.

Ambassador Villegas emphasized the importance of identifying bus manufacturers in Brazil for a potential business visit by the Mochotran Transport Group.

In her remarks, Ambassador Villegas highlighted her efforts to strengthen the Dominican Republic’s bilateral relationship with Brazil across political, consular, economic, tourism, academic, cultural, technical, and security sectors. She noted the successful training of Dominican National Police by the Military Police of the Federal District of Brasilia and the Forest Firefighters, marking their fifth visit to the Dominican Republic for specialized training in various police operations.

Mr. Pulinario expressed his gratitude for the ambassador’s visit and his eagerness to explore the Brazilian market. He praised Ambassador Villegas for her exceptional qualities, describing her as both simple and extraordinary.

Following the formal meeting in Mochotran’s conference room, the ambassador appointed Mr. Pulinario as an honorary member of the Dominican Embassy in Brazil and showcased the bus terminal’s facilities and operations on Jacobo Majluta Avenue in Santo Domingo Norte.

The Mochotran Group manages the Churchill and Charles de Gaulle corridors with 141 buses, each carrying 90 passengers. This initiative, developed under President Luis Abinader, is part of the Government’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (PMUS).


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