Visa requirement for Americans visiting Brazil delayed until April


After dropping visa requirements for Americans, Australians and Canadians in 2019, Brazil will resume such starting April 10.

This requirement was originally scheduled to go into effect Jan. 10. However, it was announced Friday that the start date would be delayed to allow additional time to “complete the process of implementing the requirement system eVisa and prevent the change from interfering with the flow of tourists from these countries to Brazil during the high season,” according to the Brazilian Tourist Board.

When the visa requirement does go into effect April 10, passport holders from America, Australia and Canada must apply online for an electronic visa to enter Brazil; this applies to travelers whose stay in Brazil will not exceed 90 days or three months.

Even if you’re arriving in the days before the visa requirement goes into effect, it is recommended that you apply for an eVisa to avoid travel disruptions due to delays or missed connections.

The average processing time for visas is five business days, so you will want to apply at least five business days prior to your visit.

Electronic Brazilian visas cost $80.90 per person and permit multiple entries by holders across a specific time period — five years for Canadians and Australians, and 10 years for Americans.

“The validity period of your eVisa is different than the duration of your stay. You may enter in Brazil at any time within the validity period of the eVisa issued,” per VFS Global, the organization handling the eVisa process for Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “If you want to enter in Brazil before the date specified on your eVisa, you must create a new application. If you need to stay more than 90 days inside the country, you must apply for a regular visa at the nearest Brazilian Consulate.”

The application process is done entirely online.


Note that travelers with existing visas do not need to apply for a new visa; applying involves a three-step process, after which you should be able to download your visa for travel. To complete the application, travelers need their passports with at least two visa pages free, flight reservation confirmation showing entry to and exit from Brazil, and a printed bank statement showing the last 30 days of transactions and at least $2,000 for travel.

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Additional requirements for business-related travel and applicants under age 18 are outlined here under the “Information” tab.

Although the Brazilian government has not specified the reasoning behind rolling back the visa waiver for Americans, it’s likely a result of the U.S. failing to act reciprocally to remove visa requirements for Brazilians visiting the U.S.

In March 2019, Brazil’s move was seen as a gesture of good faith to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two countries, ahead of then-President Jair Bolsonaro’s first visit to America. The U.S. has long required Brazilians to have a visa to travel to the U.S., including transit passengers making an international connection, per the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Brazil.

Of note is the bilateral agreement between Brazil and Japan; since Sept. 30, 2023, this has released visa requirements for citizens for trips of up to 90 days to each country.

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