Trancoso travel guide and a coastal road trip in Brazil


Perched on a forested bluff above a vast beach in northeast Brazil, the little town of Trancoso is one of the most charming seaside spots in South America. Founded by Jesuits in 1586, it enjoyed centuries of obscurity before hippies and surfers discovered it in the 1970s. Wealthy holidaymakers from Sao Paulo followed, and these days, beach houses here change hands for millions – yet Trancoso has been spared from mass tourism by its sheer remoteness, and still has a laid-back and faintly bohemian air. 

The coast to the south is gloriously untamed for almost 300 miles to the next big city, Vitoria. It’s worth striking out along the sandy road that shadows this shore, broken here and there by wide river estuaries of dazzling beauty, with colourful old fishing boats for ferries. This is the area where the Portuguese first came ashore in South America in 1500. You needn’t go far to find Unesco-protected rainforest reserves, indigenous reservations with welcoming cultural centres, tiny fishing villages settled by the first European colonists, and an endless succession of magnificent beaches.


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