This was the worst camera in 2023 (plus other dishonorable mentions)


There were no bad cameras from the big names in photography in 2023, but a couple of launches immediately spring to mind that had me asking, ‘Really?’. Top of that unremarkable pile was the Canon EOS R100, while the Sony ZV-1 II wasn’t far behind. There was also a tiny Fujifilm camera that’s a bundle of cute but technically not great. 

When the EOS R100 was announced in May, I described it as ‘all out of touch with beginners’. That’s a play on words for the beginner-level mirrorless camera packing a fixed, rear LCD screen with no touch function. That’s right, you can’t flip the screen for selfies, or even use a touch interface on that screen. That’s why, in 2023, the EOS R100 feels backward. 


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