The 2016 Olympic Games put the spotlight on Rio de Janiero and gave the world an extra dose of exposure to Brazil. If watching the games put a trip to Brazil on your bucket list, read on for the best reasons to visit this bustling country.

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Brazilian Beaches

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With more than 2,000 beaches that stretch along Brazil’s shoreline and more than 1,000 islands dot the Atlantic Ocean within the country’s limits, a trip to the beach is a must do while in the country. While many of them are densely populated, many are preserved ecological sanctuaries.

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Natural Wonders

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The Amazon River and Rainforest and Iguaçu Falls are the most famous natural attractions in a country that has 62 National Parks and hundreds of conservation areas.

Brazil proudly holds several records for its wildlife numbers and diversity. This was a result of the urgent need to preserve endangered natural treasures ​and has inspired a surge in ecotourism and responsible travel initiatives. This effort is making it possible for more travelers to enjoy Brazil in a sustainable way and preserving the best of Brazil for local communities.

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Cities & Towns

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Despite all the questionable aspects of the 2016 Olympics, the games became a catalyst for several changes for the better in the host city and beyond. Many capitalized on the surge of visitors by instituting new cultural attractions, hotels, restaurants, and much more.  

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Brazilian People & Culture

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For hundreds of years, Brazilian culture has been in the making for people with very diverse ethnic and cultural heritages. A glorious mix of diversity is imprinted in the culture that has resulted in purely Brazilian items, celebrations, and traditions such as the bossa nova, capoeira, and the yellow soccer jersey.

Strong cultural resilience also sustains, for example, for the people of indigenous origin as well as African-Brazilians, who are reaffirming their sense of identity through their rich culture.

With so much diversity, it’s safe to say that the people who have created Brazil are, as a rule, friendly to foreign tourists.

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Celebrations and Events

Andréa Rêgo Barros/PCR

Yes, we have Carnival. And because it’s a countrywide celebration, smaller, up-and-coming cities are gradually drawing more and more attention in addition to celebration leaders of Rio, Salvador, Recife, and Olinda.

However, there’s much more to the Brazilian calendar. For example, many international travelers have discovered that Reveillon, the Brazilian New Year, is as much fun as Carnival. Here’s a sample of the diversity of Brazil’s festivals and events:

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Brazilian Cuisine

CJIdone/Getty Images

Brazilian barbecue has gained international attention from upscale restaurants around the world. Picture open fire pits tended in the fields of Rio Grande do Sul by gaúchos (South American cowboys) to get a taste of what Brazilian barbecue is really like.

However, Brazilian food is not just barbecue. Great chefs, inspired by the country’s diversity of native ingredients and regional traditions, are writing a whole new chapter in Brazil food. One of the best ways to get in touch with this diversity is through one of Brazil’s many food festivals or one of the many authentic restaurants.

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Travel-Friendly Weather

Marte Oliveira

In Brazil, the right timing can improve your chances of finding a place where the sky is blue and the temperature invites you to be outdoors.

Fall and winter travel are great times to be in Brazil. Imagine cool sunrises, warm and sunny days and clear, chilly nights, that are perfect for cuddling by the fireplace.

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Brazil Hotels and Pousadas

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Choosing a place to stay can be challenging, but only because there are so many wonderful options.

In fact, some accommodations can be considered destinations in themselves, such as rainforest lodges and charming pousadas.

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Tourism is a Priority to Brazil

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Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism and state administration have been investing in their towns and cities to make visiting as easy as possible for tourists.  That translates into better roads, more jobs, an improvement of community life, and many other benefits that are turning Brazil into a very desirable destination.

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A Gateway to South America

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Brazil has awesome neighbors. Make it your hub to some of the greatest attractions in ​South America in Argentina, Peru, and many more!


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