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Get Ready For Rio Carnival 2024: A Celebration Of Brazilian Culture
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One of the most significant cultural events in Brazil, the Rio Carnival 2024 is all set to welcome people from around the globe. Taking place in Rio de Janeiro from February 9 to 17, this cultural extravaganza promises a vibrant blend of music, dance, food, and entertainment amidst a kaleidoscope of colours and an exuberant atmosphere.

Rio Carnival 2024 details: Venue, parades, street parties and more

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The annual carnival of Brazil, culminating on Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, attracts nearly a million attendees from across the world. It marks the ultimate celebration before abstinence from certain foods and worldly pleasures. Featuring lively, colourful parades, spontaneous Samba dance parties, an array of culinary delights, and a variety of street performances, the Rio Carnival has evolved significantly since its modest beginnings in 1641.

Parades were introduced to the Rio Carnival towards the late 19th century, complementing grand floats and military bands. The carnival is also famed for its bold and vibrant costumes worn by the performers, as well as its samba dance troupes representing various samba schools across the country. The parades take place at the Sambadrome, a large venue in Rio de Janeiro with viewing stands on two sides of a long alley, where participants enter from one end and exit from the other.

Rio Carnival 2024 will feature samba parades on February 9 and 10, organised by the Access Group, while the Special Group will be responsible for the parades on February 11 and 12. A children’s parade is also scheduled for February 13 at the Sambadrome. The official closing ceremony will be held on February 14. However, a concluding samba parade will be held on February 17, showcasing the Champion’s performance.

Tickets for watching the Rio Carnival 2024 parade at the Sambadrome are available on the official website of the Rio Carnival 2024. Various options are offered, including grandstands, front boxes, covered boxes, and luxury suites.

(Image credit: Gustavo Ardila/Shutterstock)

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